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    Animation does not play at all - blank screen in browser


      This is my first project in Edge and I am a tad frustrated as my animation will not appear in browser after uploading. The preview is working fine. The URL is showing but the screen is totally blank. I am using Fetch to upload and have checked that the path is 100% correct. I even saved the file with another file name (including the .js files ofcourse) and in another location, but with no result after uploading a second time. I am a Mac user and have a CC account – all my software is updated with the latest versions. I have also tried several browsers, with no luck.


      I have read another thread from march/april (TJ) which adresses the same problem, but the user never found a solution and had to downgrade to an older version of Edge to make it work.


      Are there any technical requirements for the server?


      For the record: Attached is a screen shot from the file structure in Fetch and here is the URL: http://consilio.no/www/demo/sbbl/banner/index.html




      Any ideas anyone? If someone is bothered to try I am more than willing to zip-and-send the files.


      Thanks for your time guys.