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    Please, I have been facing problems when creating a new book in Indesign CS6!!


      Good morning! I will tell you about my problem: I work for an IT company in Brazil and we have developed a manual of five-hundred pages in Indesign CS6 about a software.


      Then, we decided that each chapter would be an .indd (Indesign CS6 document) and that those 27 chapters would be part of a book (.INDB).

      Finally, we have got our book in the first revision (.PDF). In June, we copied our first revision in order to create a second one.



      We saved the second revision of the book (.INDB) in June, 2013. Now, in September we tried to open that book again, unsuccessfully...

      The second revision opens the first revision! It is like if we haven't saved our second revision, but I am pretty sure we did it.



      So, please I would like to know:

      1) what we did wrong in all this process of creating new books;

      2) if it is possible to import a PDF file into Indesign CS6, because our PDF is right but we do not have our editable anymore.



      I will be thankful for any help!


      Thanks in advance!