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    Flex Builder 3 Flash package changed / incomplete?

      I have installed Flexbuilder3_b2, flex3sdk_b3 & air_b3_win_sdk. I am having problems with the flash.desktop package in Flex builder 3.

      When I use the Help I can see that in Flex 3 flash.desktop are package components flash.desktop.NativeDrag* but when I try to use them in code it appears they are not in my flash.desktop package. Have flash.desktop.NativeDrag* been replaced by flash.desktop.Drag*? I refer specifically to NativeDragManager, NativeDragActions, NativeDragOptions.

      Also, I am trying to run an example project which also refers to flash.desktop.NativeApplication thus:
      import flash.desktop.NativeApplication;
      NativeApplication.nativeApplication.addEventListener(Event.NETWORK_CHANGE, checkNetworkConnection);

      - but NativeApplication is not referred to in the Help as part of flash.desktop & not available in the list of components. Can anyone tell me what this has been replaced with?

      Thanks in advance,