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    InDesign CC - no Shortcut "save as" avaiable


      hey there, i am freaking out...


      this problem i already had last week, so i reinstalled my whole system and at first al was good.

      now, since the last 48h the problem is again there, maybe since a install from a software (??)


      wich problem? i can`t use "save as" via shortcut SHIFT+CMD+S.

      In the Menü onle the Register INDESIGN blinks when i press, but nothing happend.

      i wrote already last week with the support, but all hints were useless.


      fresh info 1: i tried out the other indesign workspaces. there the shortcut works - ONE TIME.

      fresh info 2: now i tried to change the shortcut command as itself. then it works - ONE TIME.


      PS in InDesign CS6 all shortcuts works properly. i think there is a heavy bug in CC.

      anyone with the same problem? the adobe support can't help me...


      sincerly marco