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    htmlText in DataGrid cells


      I have a datagrid with 6 columns now one of the column ( column number 5) can have a value as "Unallocated" .
      When this value is "Unallocated" I have to change it to "Unallocated Allocate To team"
      This "allocate to team" shoulbe be a link and the whole text "Unallocated Allocate To Team" should be part of a single cell.
      On this link click, I should be able to detect the TextEvent.LINK event. The issue is that I want to do this by writing an action script renderer which extends from DataGridItemRenderer. Any pointers will be of great help.
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          peterent Level 2
          Use a custom renderer for that column. I believe the LINK event will bubble, so you can attach an event handler to any component above it (eg, the DataGrid, the Application).

          NOTE: Since none of these components officially support the LINK event, you have add the event handler using actionscript and not MXML.