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    Photoshop CC Files and Webdav - mapped drive


      Are photoshop files webdav compliant? - we have a document management system  and when we save via webdav and a mapped drive it is not versioning the file.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Photoshop General Discussion forum.

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            That depends entirely on the software that is mapping a webdav server to a logical drive.

            Photoshop just writes to the filesystem.

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              zulu1966 Level 1

              Thanks - but we were told by our suppliers that it depends entirely on how adobe handles the webdav protocol  for the file type when it saves - the mapping of the drive is simply done via the normal windows OS drive mapping method ... On xp that would be the mini director  on Win 7 that would be web folders.

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                I'm not sure anyone has much luck saving files from Photoshop directly to a network location.


                Photoshop doesn't just write files simply.  Instead, it does things like write a newly saved file as a temporary name, then rename the original file then rename the new one, apparently in an attempt to minimize the chance of data loss if something goes wrong.  That operation could be thwarting your versioning system.


                Your best bet would be to NEVER save files directly form Photoshop to your network drive, but rather to always work from a copy on your computer's local disk, then commit that copy back to the WebDav server via a simple copy using the OS file manipulation tools.



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                  zulu1966 Level 1

                  Many Thanks - I had heard photoshop does something like this when saving files. Presumably this is not generic to Adobe products ?  InDesign saves fine and versions ...

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                    Photoshop doesn't handle webdav.

                    You have third party software or the OS handling webdav and emulating a normal file system - and Photoshop just sees the filesystem.


                    Bugs in the webdav implementation could be triggered by minor differences in how applications save files.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      Chris, I have a suggestion: 


                      Consider enabling an option for Photoshop to work like a normal application, which would cause it to just write to a file. 


                      Even if it's a "secret" option that can only be invoked through a registry setting or special plug-in installation (which we could suggest here), it would be something that some folks could fall back on when they have "special needs" for Photoshop not to work the way it does.


                      You might find that, though your hearts are in the right place with trying to preserve people's files, doing it the "simple, straightforward" way might actually work better in the long haul.


                      It's just a thought.



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                        Well, here's an interesting bit of information. I sort-of got versioning working. I used PhotoShop CS6, Mac OS X Mavericks, CyberDuck, Alfresco, WebDAV.


                        Usually what I would do is go through Adobe Drive CC (which uses CMIS protocol) to log into Alfresco. This works but is at times super slow, and Alfresco no-longer sees previews when I "Check-In" an updated file because the mimetype is somehow lost.


                        This morning I used CyberDuck (via WebDAV protocol) and logged into Alfresco. CyberDuck has an "edit" button for a file. Clicking it downloads the file (although it didn't "check-out" the file) and opened it up in Photoshop. Every edit I made and clicked save automatically uploaded a new .version number. So if the file version was 2.0, clicking save would make it 2.1.


                        Some differences I noticed:

                        Adobe Drive: CMIS

                        CyberDuck: WebDAV


                        AD = "Check-In" asks for commit message

                        CD = just acts as a "Save As" and asks to overwrite the file


                        AD = "Allows Comments"

                        CD = I couldn't find any way to comment


                        AD = versions to a major version number 2.0 -> 3.0

                        CD = versions to a minor version number 2.0 -> 2.1


                        AD = will "check-out" a file, effectively locking it

                        CD = didn't seem to lock the file at all



                        I only tried it briefly this morning, I hadn't tried with any of the other CS6/CC apps. I don't know if Illustrator or InDesign would have issues with linked files using the CyberDuck WebDav approach. Also, I only used CyberDuck as I saw it has WebDAV support from a Google search (wasn't very thorough in my research on this - so plenty of room for improvement).


                        I really love the concept of Adobe Drive w/ Alfresco and version controlling. But for the love of God why is Adobe Drive so much slower than WebDAV in simple things like even navigating folders in Mac Finder or Windows Explorer?!? It hangs the entire system! This is why I'm looking into WebDAV.

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                          Any solution to solve the PSD file issue. i m using webdav server. But the PSD files failed to re link the images.


                          Also i m facing issue while exporting document if the image size is more than 10 MB.


                          Any one please suggest alternate method map the wedav server.