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    video playback woes


      After using Lightroom very successfully with my stills, I've decided to try to use it to catalog my growing collection of video clips. I have an iMac dedicated to my video, and so created a new catalog on that machine and imported all of my video clips. All looks good until I actually try to play the clips. When I do, I can maybe play the first one successfully, but usually after the first one or two clips, the system becomes very sluggish. In Activity Monitor, I can see that a process called dynamiclinkmediaserver is consuming virtually all of the CPU on the machine, clocking at around 750%. I can kill the process and restart Lightroom, and as soon as I play a clip or two, the same thing happens.


      If I wait long enough, which can be quite a long time, I sometimes can get control of the machine back without killing that process. But at least one time I waited and found it never came back even after an hour.


      This is a new iMac, with a 3.4GHz i7, 32BG RAM, SSD + thunderbolt RAID, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX with 2 GB, and the currrent Mac OS.


      The video clips are an assortment, mostly from Canon 5DIII but also Panasonic GH3, and Canon 1DC. This happens without touching the 4K 1DC clips but does happen when trying to view them as well.


      Note that these clips play back with ease on the iMac using Finder, or Quicktime, or Premiere, or Final Cut.


      Thinking it was something specific to this machine or these clips, I also tried it on my Macbook Pro, 2.7GHz + 16GB. Same thing, and there are no 4K clips on this machine. Again, the Finder and Quicktime can play these videos with ease. 


      Hmmmm. So, I googled it, and found very suspiciously simiar complaints from other people, including people running Windows. Not one that I could find had an answer from Adobe. Examples:








      I spent about 2 hours yesterday with Adobe chat support. That was a complete waste of time.


      So, am giving up for now as I can't really afford to waste more time on this issue. But I thought I'd post it here in the hopes that someone at Adobe will notice it and address it.




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          I actually see the same thing.  Just upgraded from LR3 to LR5.  When playing videos I find that the internal video player will crash after viewing a few videos.  At first I thought my machine was  underpowered for LR5 embedded video playback:

               iMac, 2.4ghz Core 2, 4GB, OS 10.7.5.  After reading your post I noticed that killing the dynamiclinkmediaserver process and restarting LR allowed me to restore the ability to view videos.  My dynamiclinkmediaserver only hovers around 10 to 15% CPU though.


          However after some additional testing I found that the program works fine with MP4 based (.mov) video, but seems to crash on uncompressed (.AVI) formats.  I have a mix of video clips from a Powershot S2, Nikon D90 - which are AVI based, along with mp4 based video from a Nikon D7100 and iphone.  After some additional experimentation, I can play countless .mov files with no issue.  But as soon as i try to playback an .AVI file the player is toast.  All the formats play flawlessly outside of LR.


          Definitely seems like some type of bug.  Hopefully Adobe will respond and address this.



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            Has anyone heard of if/when this will be resolved?  I still have the problem.