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    Does Tutorial Player run inside Photoshop?

    ralphjramirez Level 1

      I am having a problem with getting the same results as the samples included in the download of Tutorial Builder vs3,  I posed that question before and am awaiting a response.  This question may be related but thought it should be a separate post.  When I downloaded the PS Tutorial Player I run it outside of PS and it seems to run fine except that the images of the adjustment layers do not show. only the text with the before and after images.  In the samples the adjustment layers are shown.  Am I supposed to load Tutorial Player into PS rather than running it standalone?   I do have PS active and Remote Access enabled when running it standalone.


      Sorry if this sound so much like my earlier question............Ralph

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          ralphjramirez Level 1

          I guess I am  answering my own question but perhaps this will help others too.  I found out that the tutorial that I created works as advertised except it isn't explained very well, at least to me.  What I did was create the tutorial, name it sun-rays, then saved it to my desktop.  I then started CS6 64bit in Windows 7 64 bit.  In PS I selected edit/remote connections and set it to enable remote connections.  I then started Tutorial Player from the saved desktop icon and when the Tutorial Player menu appeared I entered my password and clicked on Connect.  Once connected the before and after image used when creating my tutorial was displayed along with all the steps I had used.  I selected the first step and clicked "show me" and it would switch to my PS session and the appropriate action would take place.  As an example;  copied bg layer, selected and copied blue channel (which I could change), ran levels which allowed me to change what I had entered before.  Here is where it didn't work.  It would not do a ctrl click on the blue channel to select the blue channel and create the marching ants, I had to do this manually.  It continued on with the remaining steps with no problem.  Now this was not the same image that I used when creating the tutorial but the results were outstanding.  I now have a working tutorial that I can refer to should I forget all the steps necessary to create sun rays.


          Sorry for such a long response but I hope it makes sense.  If you have any questions please let me know.  This is a great tool, my thanks to the creators............Ralph