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    weird wsdl quirk in IE

      I've got a list of categories that I display. When the user selects a category it calls a webservice to fetch the results for that category, pretty straightforward. We see some odd behavior in IE when you click the categories in quick succession one after the other (however I disable the selector after each click until the result returns so you cant go super click happy, each call takes 1-3 secs to return)...sometimes it returns no results. Its a totally sporadic error, it probably only occurs once every 20-25 times and we've only been able to produce it in IE (both 6 and 7), never in FF. I ran fiddler to try to diagnose the problem and here's what I found.

      Each webservice call is by necessity two calls, the discovery call that fetches the wsdl and the method call where you call your actual webservice method and get your results back. On the calls that fail the wsdl call never goes thru which explains why we get no results. But I'm not getting any errors either, I have an event handler where I try to trap the error like this:

      service.addEventListener( FaultEvent.FAULT, gotoError );

      but nothing...this sounds like a flash player issue in IE...anyone ever experienced this or can an Adobe guru chime in? thanx