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    Fit Frame to Content Bug in InDesign CC? Keyboard shortcut not working


      Using InDesign CC 9.1 in Mountain Lion, recently installed and has been working fine except I noticed that the keyboard shortcut for Fit Frame to Content won't work, even though the other frame fitting shortcuts work. I searched this forum and elsewhere to see if there was any reported bug for this but came up with bubkis.


      When using the contextual menu option or toolbar button for Fit Frame to Content I don't have any problem. I thought perhaps my own set of shortcuts had overridden this default shortcut somehow so I reverted to the default set without any luck. I quit and re-opened ID with the default shortcut set, no luck either.


      In the Keyboard Shortcuts menu options, when I try to assign Opt-Cmd-C it does say it's already assigned to that function. I'm at a loss here to understand why this one particular function isn't working as a shortcut. Any ideas why? What can I do? Thanks.