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    How do I install Elements 5.0 from CD?


      I am using an HP desktop running under MS Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit SP2, with gmail running in (or not in) compatibility mode and Norton Internet Security.

      Formerly everything was running perfectly for a long time; but then I encountered blue screens and the local PC shop fixed that by backing up everything and then formatting the HD.  I put basic stuff back from the backup the shop made, then I went away – out of the country for 2 weeks during which I took a bunch of pictures.  Photoshop Elements 5.0 worked at this point - I successfully uploaded them into a Pictures directory.  Next, I continued working on bringing to life other SW I had working before the blue screen/backup (e. g., allowing gmail to come up in compatibility mode).  Next, I took 3 pictures and, planning to  upload them into Photoshop, tried to bring up Photoshop Elements 5.0. The window appearing is titled “Organizer – Photoshop Elements 5.0 – My Catalog.psa”.  It circles for a long while then adds “not responding” to the window title and then I must X out and close the program.

      I have reinstalled several times (from the CD), but the above scenario reoccurs.  I have just run CCleaner, deleting the Windows and Applications materials it recommended; again above scenario occurs when trying to bring up Photoshop.  It just does not show any thumbnails, the circle just keeps revolving and then “not responding” appears.

      Any and all advice would be very much appreciated.