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    Help understanding a linear scale

    moiremusic Level 1

      I need to create a project that continually zooms into radial artwork, or more specifically, artwork is being continually scaled up so it appears that the "camera" is zooming into it. For reference, something like this music video, but more with static art, not video.


      Scaling art from small to large using a simple 2-keyframe animation gives me a confusing result. The rate of scaling appears to slow down over the course of the animation, but I want it to be a constant rate. I've checked the graph editor and the animation between keyframes is linear. Am I missing something fundamental about animating scaling?


      To be clear, if I have a piece of art with 8 dots in a circle around the center, I want their speed as they travel to the edge of the canvas to be consistent. But in this simple setup, their speed slows down over time.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have two options. Do this in 3D or use the exponential scale keyframe assistant.


          To do it in 3D remove your scale keyframes, set up a camera and make your layer 3d. Set and start and end position for the camera animating only the Z axis. You could also animate the zoom factor instead of moving the camera. Press AA with the camera selected and you'll find the zoom property.


          A camera zoom is exponential not linear. Moving a camera is also exponential. That's what we expect to see.

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            moiremusic Level 1

            Ah, well done. I had to look it up, but Exponential Scale is a good quick fix. I may find I need to do this in 3D as I experiment further, but this will work well for now.