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    ePub export book error: Documents skipped


      Hi there!


      Here’s my issue:


      I built a “book” in InDesign using all of my individualized files to create the ePub.  But my final 13 files throw errors and aren’t included in the final ePub and toc when I export.



      The file was exported but one or more were detected:

      Documents: 13 skipped.


      I put the file through a validator and all is well. I use those final 13 files (they are part of an Appendix) to create a separate book, export it, and boom – they all work like magic.


      But no matter what – they won’t go into my final ePub. I pull them out. I put them back. I create a new book.


      No dice.


      Unless there is a size issue, I can’t figure out for the life of me what the problem is. (My eBook is about 40MB - lots of images. It is a reference book for doctors on HIV.)


      The easy way around this, of course, is just to make the Appendix a separate ePub. But I'm hoping that I can still make it one happy file.