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    Chinese font characters disappearing in CS6

    RBC WM Design

      I need to redesign an InDesign file that is in Chinese and originally created in CS5. When I open the document in CS6 some characters disappear (no pink box). When I substitute the font with another Simplified Chinese font, some of the missing characters appear but then I lose other characters. Is this a CS6 issue? Any solutions?

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          David W. Goodrich Level 3

          Chinese fonts can vary dramatically in character count, whether simplified or traditional, but older simplified fonts are particularly small (GB vs. GBK, etc.): the ChineseMac site has a handy list showing character counts for a bunch of fonts.  And sometimes ID doesn't show a pink box, just a blank.


          Differences can be really subtle.  Several years ago I worked on a job using Adobe Fangsong, if I recall correctly.  Some stuff disappeared on a colleague's machine, and it turned out he was using a version of the font bundled with an earlier version of InDesign and hadn't installed the revised font when upgrading ID.  (The older one lacked some of the vertical punctuation symbols I'd added to the files.)


          Good luck!