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    RoboHelp x5 - Hyperlinks - Page cannot be displayed


      I have a project in Webhelp (via RoboHelp x5) where I have a print button indicated in several procedures that are hyperlinked to a form which is in either Word or PDF formates. After I have Generate RoboHelp HTML, then click the Print button, the links display "Page cannot be displayed". This happens for most of the pages but there are a selected few that work. If I perform a View prior to Generating WebHelp they work fine. I tried adding the Baggage Files but this did not work. Any help would be appreciated.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi bdeeb

          If you have pages that link to baggage files, the links will fail when you generate if you use the "Mark of the Web" (MOTW) option and are running locally off the C drive. The only way I'm aware of to work past this is to create redirect pages that do not have MOTW. Then add these as baggage files. Reference the redirect pages from where you want to link.

          Cheers... Rick
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            bdeeb Level 1
            Hi Rick:

            Thanks for your quick respone. I have a few baggage folders of which reference the links that do work (about 3 of them). I have never used the MOTW option. Usually I create a button or verbiage then I hyperlink it to the procedure on our server. I then compile into Dev., check everything is OK then I compile into Live which is published on our companies Intranet. These are end user procedures only.