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    Work area, trouble.

    a7491@drdrb.com Newcomer

      I work on 3 monitors. Is any chance to get TITLE/TEXT WINDOW to dock in the left windows? But that every part of "title" windows were kept together?


      http://i.imgur.com/DEybVyO.png <--- when I drag and drop every option (red boxes on screen) my workflow looks like this:



      But I don't want to have every in that frames. I want to have another bookmark and INTO THE BOOKMARK have all these options what we can see on 1st screen.


      Is it possible?


      I want to have ALL THAT windows from screen 1 between "effects controls" and "Media Browser" and when I go to "title" bookmark I just want to see all options there.

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          Jim_Simon Legend

          You've dropped it into the middle of that frame, hence those results.  Drop it to the left or right instead.

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            Steven L. Gotz Rockstar

            I was sure I knew how to do that. I have done it in the past. I know I have.


            But for some reason I am missing something. I dragged and dropped all over the place and can't get the styles or the tools or anything, to share the panel with the main part of the titler. They all seem to get their own. Very odd.


            I can find posts where I said that I put the titler into the same panel with the Source Monitor back in the CS3 days before I went to two monitors. I haven't bothered to try it since then.


            Now I can't make it work.


            Jim, do us a favor please and see if you can get the titler to appear next to the source monitor/effect controls panel etc. Intact, with all of its panels looking the way they do when they are in their own window.

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              Jim_Simon Legend

              Each of those panels will need to be dropped individually to 'rebuild' that layout.  I'm not inclined to try this and then have to undo it.  I like the titler as a separate window.

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                Steven L. Gotz Rockstar



                I tried that. I couldn't make it work like I used to be able to do.


                Come on, help a guy out. You can easily reset the workspace. Just create a new one and play with that. No hurry, but when you get a chance... I don't actually need it because I have become used to it in a separate window, but I don't like trying to follow instructions and failing at it.

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                  a7491@drdrb.com Newcomer

                  Thanks Steven a lot. We always can reset a workspace in just 1 second.

                  And first try to do what I want and then you will see what happened. I can't do this like I want to.


                  No matter where I drop my menu (left side, up, bottom, right side) it always make something like this what I show on screen. Or I don't know hot to do it.


                  Let me explain it again....




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                    Steven L. Gotz Rockstar

                    Oh, I understand completely. I used to do that with Premiere Pro CS3. It helps a bit when you are limited in screen space. I am not sure why you want to do it, but it doesn't matter. It frustrates me that I used to be able to do it and now I can't get it done. I am having the same problem you are.

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                      shooternz Ninja

                      Whats your actual problem Steven?


                      Are you just wanting the Titler Panels  (tools etc) all in the one "area" as per default?


                      Seems the OP is after something different and I am not sure what he wants is achievable.  Titler is kind of a standalone application within Premiere IMHO...and it has always had a little "stabilty issue" (Pane Creep etc)


                      What you want seems like just putting it back together.  Why did you bust it up anyway?

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                        Steven L. Gotz Rockstar

                        I think he wants what I used to do.


                        Think of it this way. If you could take the entire titler, the whole window, and put it on one tab alongside the Source Monitor and Effect Controls panel, then when you clicked on the tab, the enire window would be there. You could see what you were doing at that size, or you could make that panel go full screen. But when you click on the Source Monitor panel, then all of the titler options would be gone. Back behind the active panel.


                        I used to be able to do it. I know I did. I remember showing people how to do it once upon a time. It no longer seems possible. Very odd.


                        Someone must have an old copy of CS3. I know it used to work.


                        I don't need it, but I can understand why someone else might.

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                          shooternz Ninja

                          You cant do that because it is in its own Application Window.  eg the Windows "Window"

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                            Steven L. Gotz Rockstar

                            But I used to be able to disassemble it and move it all over to a new panel and make it look the same.

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                              shooternz Ninja

                              Oh ...the good old days.

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                                Ann Bens Mythic

                                Was not that CS2?

                                I have made a workspace where the titler is embedded.

                                I made it the same size as if it were full screen.

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                                  Steven L. Gotz Rockstar

                                  It may have been CS2. I think I went to two monitors when CS3 came out.

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                                    a7491@drdrb.com Newcomer

                                    So in newer version od Adobe Premiere isn't that possible, right?

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                                      Steven L. Gotz Rockstar

                                      That appears to be the case. I don't know when it stopped working, or why it stopped working, mostly because I stopped using it, so the subject never came up.


                                      I figure if I am working on a title, I don't need to see the timeline or anything else for that matter, because I can see what is under the CTI by clicking on a setting.

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                                        shooternz Ninja

                                        When I open the Titler for a titling session.. I leave it up and running.


                                        I then click on the Premiere GUI  when I want to return to the Sequence and back to the open Tilter at will.


                                        Wit a number of Titles open same time..I find this real efficient because I use the drop down box in te Titler to work on all of them as I wish.

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                                          Steven L. Gotz Rockstar

                                          Hmmm. I just close the window and reopen it as necessary.


                                          I will have to try your way. Not that I use it much, but I use it some.