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    Is it possible to create .pdf files with interactive photo galleries, pinch 'n zoom, etc... ??


      I'm just beginning to learn about creating ebooks, and since I have a subscription to Adobe CC, I figured why not use InDesign to create my ebooks and have the best tools in the industry available.


      Being new, I'm not sure of the capabilities of different formats and what is possible using InDesign.


      I want to create an ebook in whatever format is widely available across the most devices (mobile friendly as possible), and have some interactive capabilities. I want to include a swipe-able photo gallery, possibly embed audio/video, link between pages, and have pinch 'n zoom photos too.


      I've found several tutorials showing how to make them, and I think I'm doing it right... but upon export, no more interactivity. I'm trying to self publish the ebooks and would prefer to not use the digital publishing suite to create iPad/Android apps.


      Thank you for your time!