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    How can I import a video and play on Flash with a click of a button?


      Basically I want to create a set of animation sequences on Maya and import them to Flash as avi or flv and then play the movie clip after a button is clicked, how can I do this?


      My idea is to create a multiple choice interactive game where the user has to select the right choices to get to the right ending which is why I need to know how to link buttons to movie clips and be able to stop them at the right time with more buttons and text being displayed for the next set of movie clips. 


      Also after the video is done being played do I just put a stop(); at the end of the Actionscript so the video stops and the choices (text) appear on the screen for the next video sequences?


      I know how to link a button to a scene or frame but I don't know how to link a button to a video or many video/movie clips....


      Thank you


      Also I may have other questions just pop into my head so if I edit and repeat a lot I'm sorry...