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    How to control swf file loaded in flash builder project?


      Condition :

      1. I have a swf file presentation.

      2. A flex mobile project using flash builder 4.6 with its default SDK.

      What i want :

      1. Include those swf file into my flex mobile project and interact with those swf like i run it on flash player for PC. Shown here >>


      What i've tried :

      1. Call swf file using swfloader and it work(on my pc). Here is my code >> 2.png


      Problem :

      1. I cant interacted with swf file presentation. If i click on screen, it get error code >> "Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller" and another error. Here is error warning >>3.png



      I dont want to upload the swf file into a web and load it remotely because i want the swf file available offline. Im newbie in flex, please tell me clearly. i have downloaded Flex in a week video training but gets nothing. searching for another problem which may same, but i didnt get any answer.

      Please Help.


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