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    Editing timestamp locked column in live form and resetting


      I have a live form.

      A respondent sent me back the PDF directly rather than submitting, so I wanted to correct the date-stamp cell and set this to their original submission date.

      This was at first locked so I used the edit pull-down to unlock the column and went in to edit just the relevant cell.

      Unfortunately this wiped out all the cell contents in the full column. So all other entries no longer have a date-stamp.

      This has also now deleted the automatic date logging in this column on new submissions.


      Can this be reset or corrected in any way?  If you allow users to unlock and edit in this way it should come with a VERY VISIBLE HEALTH WARNING that data in other cells will be permanently obliterated.

      Can the function that was automatically inserts the time-stamp be somehow re-inserted?

      Do I need to contact help/support admin etc?

      Many thanks