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    How to ungroup Illustrator graphics in InDesign


      I have a Illustrator file, containing a set of images (such as a set of different colored balls). I need to ungroup the Illustrator file after placing it in InDesign. I am unable to do this as, the Object > Ungroup option is grayed out. I can ungroup the file, and split up the image in other software, such as Inkscape or Scribus. Is there any way to ungroup the image in InDesign ?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No. You can't.


          A placed Illustrator file is nothing more than an placed PhotoShop file or a placed PDF.
          You can change the appearance of the layers, but nothing else.


          If you want to change details of the Illustrator art work, do it in Illustrator or:

          try to copy/paste the art work to InDesign. You will be successful with that or not. Depends on many factors. Mainly on feature compatibility between InDesign an Illustrator and, of course, on the complexity of your work.



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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Inkscape is an open source software similar to Illustrator - and would be able to open certain Illustrator files - but it has major draw backs in colour management.


            Scribus is an open source software similar to InDesign - but without as many great features as InDesign and the Colour Management side of it isn't great either.



            Opening Illustrator files in other software is rarely a good idea - it can have many reprucussions that you wouldn't even be aware of and not visible until you get the printed versions back - or something goes horribly wrong and it's too late to take it all back.



            If you want to ungroup items then you should do it in Illustrator.


            Move the various items to new layers.


            Save as .ai with a pdf compatible file.



            In InDesign - use the File>Place choose the file


            And use the Object>Object Layer Options


            And select the layers you want to use.



            Other than that - opening in Inkscape and Scribus and ungrouping there is doing untold damage to your Illustrations.


            Keep it in Illustrator and use that - and InDesign


            They are designed to work together!

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