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    Ignoring error 407 in business layer of Cairngorm


      In the business layer of cairngorm, I'm invoking a login url on webseal via the classical invocation:
      var call : Object = myServ.send(variables);

      The issue is that, when invoking, the browser gets twice a 407 as error, and finally a 200. On Mozilla, the request result is considered to be 200 so the 'result()' method is invoked on the command layer. But the bahaviour is different on IE... there, the first response seems to be the one used to determine whether the invocation is successfull or not, and, as a consequence, CG invokes the fault method on the command layer. Still, behind the scene, the webseal invocation is successfull (final HTTP code is 200).

      This implies that on IE the code does not reach the 'result' method, so I cannot use the ResultEvent to know if the login was successfull or not, as it is on Firefox. The request is considered to have generated a 'FaultEvent'.

      Is it possible to tell the business layer, in the HTTP call, to ignore 407 errors and to 'wait' the end of the url execution before sending the request return code to Cairngorm ?

      Thx in advance.