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    Popup menu and named destination


      Hello, I am a beginner in Javascript and I am trying to create a pop-up menu.  The popup should give me different options which when I click on will link me to named destinations in other pdf files, depending on the option chosen.  I am using the button tool to create the pop-up icon to which I am adding the following javascript:

      var cChoice = app.popUpMenu( ["Factsheet", "facts", "description"],);


      where facts and description are the destinations in the AHUfactsheets.pdf.  However the command does not seem to work.  Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this command?  Also how do I specify the path to be a relative one?

      I am currently using Adobe Acrobat professional 7.0.  Do the later versions of Acrobat allow me do create the pop-up menu without using javascript?  Ideally I would love to stay away from the programming bits.