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    Access the palette options of the link panel




      I'm currently working on a script, which lets our customer set some settings automatically, but I have trouble with accessing the platte options of the link panel.

      I'd like to disable some of the checkboxes in the table (I only can guess that the english column name is "show link infos"?!), but I have no idea, how I can access them.


      I know, there is app.linkingPreferences.properties ... but I have no idea, which the options are (tried toSource, but there are only two things displayed... is that it?)...


      Furthermore I tried accessing the panel with app.panels.itemByName("Links") - but again, what are the options, I can use now?


      I'm really lost here, as I searched the internet, but can't find a helpful script... Therefore I hope someone here will be able to help me or at least point me in the right direction


      Would be really great!!