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    Wh can't I map Robohelp styles involving bullets to styles in my Word template?


      I have a style called Bullet in Robohelp, which is defined as a bulleted list style, and looks

      • like this

      in robohelp.

      I have a style called Bullet in the Word template I want to use to generate output, which is also defined as a bulleted list style.

      When I get to the Print Document Appearance screen adn select the Word template, I see 'Unassigned - use style in project' against the Robohelp Bullet style entry. When I open up the list of styles available in the Word template the Bullet style is not included in the list.

      This is costing me much time - every time I generate a document that uses the Bullet style I have to go into the Word document and apply the Bullet style to each relevant paragraph (and remove the spaces between the bullet and the text, but that's a problem for a different day).

      What do I need to do to get the mapping working properly?

      Thanks in advance!