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    Trying to upgrade to Indesign 4 from PM6.5


      Have finally found the courage to upgrade to a new computer and open my Indesign CS4 box. I know I bought it a couple of years ago but have never got round to running anyhting but PM 6.5 under Windows xp.


      However it won't let me install and upgrade as it wantsmy  Pagemake serial number. I haven't installed PM6.5 on this new machine as it now runs windows 7 but have got the old serial number which I have entered ( correctly!) several times, with and without hyphens but CS4 just won't recongnise the number and having trawled the Adobe website for a contact number for uk or even an email contact I am about to give up!


      Can anyone help please? Even a contact number for Adobe would be great.