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    Set default brush?


      Is there a way to change the default brush shape and size in Fireworks CS6?


      My brush defaults to a 1 pixel soft brush and that just drives me crazy. I work primariiy with screenshots and a larger hard line brush would make my life SO much easier.


      Thanks for your help!


      Chris Ryan

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          groove25 Level 4

          I think the size of the brush is remembered from one session to the next, but perhaps not the brush type or edge setting, which seems odd. On my Mac, these settings would be saved in ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe Fireworks CS6/en/Fireworks CS6 Preferences. This is an XML file, which can be opened in a text editor (like TextWrangler) and searched using the Find command.


          It might be possible to write a short script/command to set the Brush to a particular configuration…