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    hitTest().attachMovie() --> specified movieclip

    Ron Colmen Level 2

      I've got 12 movieclips (holder_mc) and another movieclip (tf_mc) to be dragged&dropped. If the drop is within one of those 12 holder_mcs, I want to be able to use attachMovie to attach the dropped clip into a specified movieclip within the relevant movieclips, movieclips, movieclip.



      if tf_mc is dropped on to holder_mc7,  then tf_mc should be attached to holder_mc7.InnerHolder1.InnerHolder2

      if tf_mc is dropped on to holder_mc3,  then tf_mc should be attached to holder_mc3.InnerHolder1.InnerHolder2


      The below code is being loaded as an external swf in to _root.mc1.mc2 (hitTest is successful, but it doesn't attach as I want)


      Illustrative purposes only:

      var dDroppedMC:Array = new Array();





                          for(j=0; j<6;j++){


                                              if (this._parent.hitTest(_root["holder_mc"+j])) {




      var tfP:MovieClip = mc.attachMovie("tfID","tfP"+TxtNum++, dDroppedMC[i].getNextHighestDepth());