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    Running a Flex App using Coldfusion Flash Remoting Services gives me a blank SWF file but no errors

    Jonathan Arp Level 1
      I cannot get flex to compile to display anything. even if its just a single panel and some text. If I use the wizard and choose "Basic" or whatever, I get a flex app. But i am using cfcs so I selected "Coldfusion Flash Remoting Services" and when I select run, the browser pops up with a nice big blank screen. No loading progress bar, no errors, nothing.

      I am running cf8 as a standalone (developers edition)

      under project properites --> server

      root folder: C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot
      root url http://localhost:8500/
      context: (blank)

      I have messed with context and webroot.

      I doesn't matter if I use a remoteObject or not. Nothing happens

      i through in a crossdomain.xml into the root to open it up, just to be sure.

      I am really stumped. I had this working fine on a previous pc (running cf7)

      any ideas anyone???