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    Can our translators easily localize "Home" text in Breadcrumbs?

    JaredHess Level 1

      Our testers noticed this problem in the breadcrumbs in a help generated from a localized RH project:


      9-6-2013 10-46-23 AM.png


      Notice that the "Home" text in the breadcrumbs is always in English. I hoped if I specified the non-English language in the RH's project settings, it would automatically localize these,  but this doesn't happen. Is there a way to expose these strings, so that our translators can localize "Home" into the equivalent non-English text? I know you can change the breadcrumb format and type in new text that way, but our translators don't have RH and so can't access it that way. Is there a text file somewhere that contains these strings?