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    How do I stop Premiere Pro CC crashing on Macbook Pro Retina?


      Hey there, I just got a new Macbook Pro 15" with Retina display and am having a ton of trouble with Premiere CC. I've been working on a project just doing the most basic of clipping and it worked fine for an hour or two but since then it's been crashing constantly- within a minute or two of startup for no apparent reason. It's crashed on things as simple as hitting the play button, cutting a clip, or scrubbing through the timeline.


      I've searched through the forum trying to find some answers, but everything seems to be windows-based. I don't know if it's a problem with CC or OSX, since I just switched over to both from CS6 and Windows 7, but either way it makes the software completely unusable. I have installed almost nothing on this computer except for CC so it shouldn't be conflicting software. I went in to system preferences and disabled graphics switching so it's always using the high-power graphics card, and I tried to find new Intel drivers but their driver detection app isn't working on my machine (I installed java and ran it on Safari), and OSX drivers aren't listed anywhere in their download center.


      My only guess at this point is that there's something screwy with Mountain Lion since they just released it.


      Not sure where else to look to fix this, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!