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    Photoshop images with spot channels in Indesign CS6 (layout question)


      I've got an Indesign CS6 layout that will have a spot varnish when it goes to press. Right now I've got a layout with psd files that have spot channels in them that will be used for the spot varnish.


      My question is, in Indesign when I'm laying this out should I have one layer with all the psd artwork (with no spot channels) and then a layer on top of that with the psd files with the psd layers turned off with the spot channel showing? I want to make this easy to print in the office so by doing it this way I could just turn the spot layer off and print.


      Will this work for the printer?


      layer 1 psd files with no spot channels

      layer 2 psd files with photoshop layers turned off with the spot channel showing