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    ADE vs Google Play for W7 and Nook (1st edition and HD+)


      I have a good grasp of my devices and operating systems but now I am stumped. I have researched and thought I could get this working, but it isn't, so please point me to some resources or where I went wrong. Thanks.


      Books that are bought from Google Play: I can read on the Nook HD+ which is a type of Android tablet (ice cream sandwich, lite) and would like to read on the "nonweb, nonapp" Nook first edition e-reader, via "sideload" (need to put the epub on using my USB cable from my W7 computer).


      I got into the Google Playstore and downloaded the .acsm files.


      I got ADE 2.0.1 installed on the W7 computer, and first I authorized it using no account id and was able to read the books on the W7 system and saw epub files were created.


      I plugged in the Nook 1st edition and it showed the device on the left pane of the ADE program on the W7 computer. There is nowhere on the Nook 1st edition to add the ADE account info, but you see ADE is built in, at start up. I figured I would drag to the device to sideload, try to open there, be asked to re-enter the original account and pw as DRM verification, and be done.


      After trying unsuccessfully to drag the epub files to the Nook, I reallized my non-userid authorization probably kept me from the function of being able to use other devices. So, I learned about the "Ctl-shift-D" and unauthorized, then reauthorized with an Adobe UserID only used for one thing previously: for old Acrobat Pro on two other computers. No other computers, tablets or devices have ever had ADE until I started this, today.


      Then the .acsm stated they didn't match the account. So, I deleted them and I got the .acsm fresh from My Library on Google Books..


      When I double-click an .acsm now, I am getting the pop up E_GOOGLE_DEVICE_LIMIT_REACHED.


      I thought ADE allows up to three readers and three computers? I can't find that specific support text right now. I either have no other devices for ADE, or I have this third computer that has ever logged into the Adobe Userid. Neither situation should give me that pop up, so did I trip something that only Adobe can reset? Do I uninstall, reinstall?


      TIA for guidlance.