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    file open at 0.4%

    ojodegato Level 1

      Whe openign a file in PSCS6 the file opens at 0.4%. How can I set the view so that the file opes and fills the screen as the default viewing percentage.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Are you using Tab or floating windows?

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            ojodegato Level 1

            I am using the appplication frame with tabs on a mac.

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              funn1bunn1 Level 1

              Omg, today I just ran into this problem too.

              At first I thought it couldn't open the file because the canvas seems like pixel small. I had someone with CS6 photoshop to open at her mac, and it opens fine.


              So I opened the file again, and saw the viewing percentage at .8 percent. I made it 100% at where it says ".8%." and the application frame gets back to normal. I think it's the application frame that's causing it, so I turned it off. Now the file opens fine.


              Also, it could be the file that's causing this problem. It's a CS4 file that I was trying to open with CS6.