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    Undefined on get url

      Hi Guys,
      i'm working on an Actionscript 2.0 script in my Flash 8. My script catches 3 variables from an XML file,
      makes duplicated movieclip on the stage and puts inside all this a function with onrelase event.
      If i try to write my array variable called idvaluemc inside the function called item.onRelease,
      after the trace, flash replies me "Undefined" value. The array is loaded with all XML values but if i write it to the "getUrl" on my function item.onRelease the idvaluemc variable goes away... outside getUrl
      all the variables are there!!! I'm very sad, i don't undestand where is the error in my script ...
      Can anyone tell me where the problem is? Advanced thanks for your help!

      This is my Actionscript: