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    Recording [slide] does not capture web app events


      Captivate 7, Win 7


      I'm trying to capture actions in PeopleSoft. I've done this in Cap 6 and Cap 5/5.5 with the same Training settings. When I click links, check boxes, or buttons, none of the interactions are captured. In fact, only the first one or two screens are captured when there should be 10-15. I've tried this with both automatic and manual settings. I'm sure I just have something set up incorrectly. Here is a screen shot of my settings:




      Thanks for any help!



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          Varun Kalra Adobe Employee

          Hi Mary,


          Can you retry recording that web application after Launching Captivate as administrator. (Righ click on Captivate 7 icon, then click on Run as admin).


          Also, try opening that web application in a different browser this time if you can and check whether it creates a slide on every mouse and keyboard event?


          and is it creating the Video demo slide for your mouse movements and drag and drop actions? (if you have checked smoothen movement for drag and drop, and mouse wheel actions from Recording > Settings).



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            MaryVivit Level 1

            Thank you, Varun. Running as Administrator was the key. I have a lot of "garbage" slides to remove: I didn't move the mouse, but Captivate captured static (non-video) screens. But I'd still rather delete extraneous slides than rebuild the interaction from scratch. Thanks, again!