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    External hard drive problems after switching from LR 3.6 on Windows to LR 5 on iMac.

    Aaron Staebell

      I store my images on an external hard drive.  I recently upgraded from LR 3.6 on a windows XP machine to LR 5 on an iMac.  I moved my catalogue fine, I think, as I can see all my images in LR 5 on the iMac.  The problem is that I suspect there is some problem between the iMac and the external hard drive.  I cannot import my RAW photos from my CF card into LR and onto the external hard drive.  LR tells me "could not copy files to the requested location."


      Any ideas?  Is there some problem because I changed from windows to Mac?  Problem bc I upgraded from LR 3.6 to LR 5?  Any suggestions?  TIA.


      -Aaron Staebell