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    CF10 on mac OSX 10.8.4 lion

    jfb00 Level 3


      I installed CF10 on mac using this link:

      http://iknowkungfoo.com/blog/index.cfm/2013/2/27/Installing-ColdFusion-10-on-OSX-108-Mount ain-Lion


      The CF server is working.

      I was fine until the step 8 on OSX Sites.

      I can see fine the file from the step 7 "http://localhost/~username/index.htm", means that apache also is working fine.

      Why I cannot see the current time from "http://localhost/~username/index.cfm"?

      I only see the content of the file <cfoutput>#now()#</cfoutput>

      Any ideas how to fix or test this?

      I will install flash builder 4.7 after to work with CF10.