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    Adjustment layer Question?


      Is there a way to make a certain layer below the adjustment not be affected by the adjustment itself. Like a switch, similar to when you add lights and if you don't

      want the layer to be affected by it you go to material options and turn off "accept light." Is there a similar one to layers that you don't want to be affected by adjustments

      underneath-because I have a lot of layers and I just want to leave it where it is.


      Please and thank you.





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          Netcommercial Level 1

          Is it because you are parented to other layers? Otherwise you could pre-compose that one layer.  Can you move it in the stack? Can you precompose it?  Otherwise that adjustment layer always will affect anything below it.


          These are suggestions for work arounds unless someone comes along and had a better solution, or there is something new I did not know that you could tell a layer to 'ignore' an adjustment layer.

          Like a Solo switch, opposite. Maybe CC composite Effect added to THAT layer and then mess wtih the Mode and Opacity MIGHT get you there...Just trying to help.

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            HandsomeDragon Level 1

            Yes I can pre-compose it. It's actually a precomosed layer-a city background with city lights. And no, I'm afraid if I move it in the stack it messes up the whole comp-I know its strange, I'm just trying to limit the complexity of masking it frame by frame. But if I have to I guess I'll have to.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              > Is there a way to make a certain layer below the adjustment not be affected by the adjustment itself.



              To do that, you need to precompose the adjustment layer with the layers  that you want it to affect, or precompose the layers and then apply the  effects to the precomposition layer directly.

              The way that an adjustment layer works is that it applies effects to the  composite of all layers beneath it. It's not like the adjustment layer  is being applied to each layer individually so you could choose some for  it to apply to and some for it not to apply to.

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                HandsomeDragon Level 1

                Crap yeah I totally overlooked that. I just want it to affect one layer. At the time it was multiple layers but further into the project there's was only one layer below the adjustment that I wanted to be affected.


                Thank you-you jogged my memory.