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    Transitions disappear after flattening multi-cam

    foolish tree Level 1



      I have what I think is a weird thing going on. After I flatten a multi-cam sequence, all the video transitions I added have disappeared.


      I looked around, and found this item in the list of bug fixes in the July 2013 build-release: "Upon flattening a multicam sequence, transitions are applied on the wrong layers.  Can lead to crash with error message […Src\Sequence\Action\SequenceAddTransitionAction.cpp-57".]"


      This does not result in a crash. Obviously, I can put the transitions in again on the flattened sequence (which I have done - client's need the finished vid!), buuuuut...that's kind of a waste of time.


      So - is anyone else having this problem? Shall I report a bug?