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    Adobe Questionnaire

    Lundberg02 Level 3

      When I loaded the forum, I got a window saying I had been selected at random to take asurvey and to leave the window open because when I left the forum the survey would start. So I looked at all the new posts listed and was incredibly bored as usual and closed the forum window. The survey invitation window changed to the survey itself in about 30 seconds.  i tried to answer the first question and got the beachball.  It kept appearing intermittently. I left the window up and tried google and Facebook. No dice. Then I noticed that something ate 600 mB of RAM in less than 30 sec.  I gave up and restarted, The survey window came up again. I tried to answer the question. Beachball.  Facebook wouldn't load. Screw it. Closed the window. Now everything's ok.

      Just a heads up.