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    Rendered Video Problem!


      I am in urgent need of an answer.

      I left my computer on overnight, rendering a video, with a lot of effects. The render took about 6 hours, it was fine, and no errors. I then go to open the file, and it will not open. I have tried to open the .mp4 in everything i could. On my mac and my windows. I then rendered it again, and it did the same thing. Is there anything i can do, i'm using the same render settings i usually do, and they work fine!


      I am using After effects cs6

      iMac Mid 2011

      12gb ram


      - Thankyou

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          We're going to need more details. Please provide this information.


          If your AE is version 11.0.0 or 11.0.1, you are missing some bug fix updates - you should be on 11.0.2 (if you're a Creative Cloud subscriber, you're missing a whole new version: 12.0.0)


          Try rendering to a production codec instead of a delivery codec. AE's not your best choice for creating MP4's anyway. Render to Quicktime with the PNG codec or something lossless like that. Then you can use the Adobe Media Encoder to make your final, compressed, deliverable.

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            RaffM8 Level 1

            I was rendering to my Ram drive, which i usually do for a faster render. But this time it just didn't work properly, so it finally worked when i rendered to my hard-drive. Thanks for the reply, i will try your suggestions if the problem occurs again!