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    Noninteractive project file opening in Director

    pachash Level 1
      Hi, folks!

      I wonder if it's possible to write an xtra plugin which would open some Director project file while closing the current one?

      I'm making a fully automated Director project publishing process using Ant and need some way to open the project file in the existing instance of Director. One possible way to go is to launch the Director before publishing via command line passing the path to the project file as an argument. The downside is speed - it takes about 10 seconds for the new Director to launch and getting a bit frustrating to wait so much during active development cycle.

      Thus I'd like to use following algorithm:

      1) If Director is not opened open it via command line and pass the project file, go to 3)
      2) If Director is already opened close the current project file and open the required one, go to 3)
      3) Publish the project file

      Is it possible at all?

      Thanks in advance.