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    Rendering question


      Hello, I am kind of new to aftereffects. I'm working in a project in Premier pro and I want to import a project from aftereffects. I have a video of my car driving down the road, and I use the Roto tool to get rid of the road and just keep the car.

      My question is, is there any way to render the aftereffects project completely before importing it into premiere. this way when I do any changes in premier it doesn't have to render again, and again, and again. on my system it takes a very long time to render the Roto tool, so I would like to only do it once. If I can.

      Thanks, Jeff

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          JeepHed Level 1

          Thank you for the link. I did look at this before posting. I didn't know if I save this as a "movie" file if it would still save the roto brushing? I'm using it in Preimere to look like the car is floating in a picture in the video created in Preimere.

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            SonicN2O Level 1

            If I understand you correctly, you want to pre-render your AE work instead of using Dynamic Link. I would pre-render the comp and still use DL so my workflow wouldn't be so linearized.

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              Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

              If you want to export your work with Alpha, i.e. transparent background, you need to choose appropriate container ('Format'), e.g. QuickTime, set appropriate codec in the Format Options, e.g. PNG, and RGB + Alpha in 'Channels' in the Output Module Settings.

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                JeepHed Level 1

                Those are both great ideas. I would love to keep the dynamic link but it takes so long to render each time I change anything in Preimier. Is there any way around this?

                Thanks for all the help.

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                  Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                  First and foremost, communication with dynamically linked composition is accomplished via a single instance of headless AE and restricted to a single process, which creates a bottleneck. So, when you're done with your work in AE, you'd better render a digital intermediate out of AE - that may be up to ten fold faster depending on the complexity of your AE composition and your spec. See this good old thread on Dynamic Link workflow.


                  As mentioned there, if you keep 'Include Project Link' enabled in the Output Module Settings, you can easily jump back to appropriate AE project from PrPro timeline so as to tweak it - just right-click your DI in PrPro timeline and choose 'Edit Original'. That does not provide the same flexibility as Dynamic Link, but definitely increase the performance and hence efficiency.


                  So as to enjoy the best of both worlds you can set your rendered DI as a proxy for the dynamically linked composition. This way you don't have to import it into PrPro and replace your dynamically linked comp in PrPro timeline with the DI, and you can easily switch between dynamically linked composition and rendered intermediate within just one mouse click, but since Dynamic Link is still involved, it still creates a bottleneck, and with unreasonable amount of dynamically linked compositions (e.g. several hundreds) PrPro timeline becomes unresponsive.