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    Prior Books Blocked


      Long question - sorry. I have had a sony ereader for some years. In 2010 I used my laptop to buy/load and obviously had an adobe account at that time. Then, because it was easier, i used by desktop computer (end 2010 onwards) to do this. But yesterday, it all went WRONG !! 

      I had been offered an upgrade by sony site - which i did - and then when i tried to access 'store' the website was all wrong/distorted - so i couldn't actually buy any books.  So, i thought (seemed simple at the time) that I would use the laptop.

      I had to download latest version of AD - as had a much earlier version 2010 on the laptop - that went ok.

      it prompted me for adobe id - which was ok - but then i changed it because the id was so old and i no longer used that format - so that got updated.  Seem to recall (tho it is somewhat hazy now) being asked if i wanted to transfer ? and i would have said yes ?

      Anyway I went on to store - and purchased some books - which i downloaded ok - and connected by ereader - and they synched across.

      BUT - it would only let me access the books i had just purchased. When i tried to access the other 300+ books it said that they were drm protected !

      Have a substantial investment that i can't access.

      what should i do ?