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    Why does toplugs continue trying to download program


      I keep getting annoying messages wanting to download FLV PLAYER on my computer.  It says "FLV Video downloader is required to download online videos"

      i don't use any of this and never D/L in the first place..

      one time I thought it was the flash player of which I have the latest version on my PC and the laptop.. I said OK in error and got a bundle loaded on my pc/s e.g.browsersafeguard and vgrabber v1 customized websearch and couldn't get rid of them.

      I think finally did uninstall them all off both pc's.

      but this keeps coming up and still trying to install FLV

      http://www.toplugs.com/fx/28/v1/?did=wg_s2s&sub=DcvREcQgCAXAXqxAH6B5aYaBU5q4Se_J_u9y9OU61b v_22h3k0GItcdll8TMUxEH0dUuKsgqTrMks4Df3ichtcnQUZZYuAZP_0a9


      does this come from adobe and how can I stop it if not?.

      I would appreciate it if you can help