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    .mov file won't open

    Soshman Level 1

      I have a video that is a 2.12gb .mov file


      my editor sent it on a dvd with some .mp4 files


      the .mp4 files open perfectly


      the big 2.12 gb .move file wont open on anything incluiding adobe media encoder


      this is the second round of him sending me 2 different  .mov file that wont open.(both are a little over 2gb


      All the error messages say it cannot open because it is   undf


      I asked if he can open it and play it and he sends me a video of him opening it and playing it just fine


      I have tried it on two different PC's...same message. I have tried QT and it says it doesnt recognise the file

      VLC says undf  ( but when i clear the error message...it has a 17:18:12 timeline and it starts playing to a black screen....i have let it play for a while and it looks like it would go for the full 17 hours if i let it...but the video is only 10 minutes...with loits of effects )


      Now as a bit of information...he has a really fancy computer that has a PC and a Mac on it

      so he does FCP and Adobe


      I am wondering if this is a codec problem?


      If so is there a way for me get this codec or do i have to have him convert it and send me another DVD?