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    Click button and having an image show up in its own page


      Silly question, I know, but can't figure it out in Edge. I created a hot spot over an image and when it's clicked I want an image to show up in it's own browser window.


      Example: http://bydeadface.com/tonystorture.html


      Click on any of those images and you will see that the browser automatically opens a new page with the raw image. I want to do that.


      I made this one in dreamweaver and all I did was set the button to link to the image in a new window. The native browser took care of the rest. I like that because I don't want or need to create a whole new Edge document to display the photo.




      Thank you.

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          window.open("images/nameofimage.jpg", "_blank");




          When you import assets such as images, they go directly to the images folder relative to the project, so in the above simply substitute what I have with the name of the image you want to poen. Use _blank as the second parameter to open in its own window.



          For a dynamic option, without having to reference the source explicitedly, you can use


          ////////// Click ////////////

          window.open($(e.target).attr('src'), "_blank");





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