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    I need help with previewing and key framing?


      First ioff, when i try to preview a clip, a quick scoping montage clip for example purposes, when i press play on the right side, it has no audio, when i ram preview which uses 11.1gb out of my twelve(!), it doesn't stay loaded after i pause so i can't preview with audio.

      Second, when im scoping in i add a lens flare for one frame by setting brightness to zer0, press the stop watch, then put it to 100% brighness one frame later. I tried leaving the watch going and watching it and it was there the entire time. I did it again but un-clicked the stopwatch and it slowly faded in and out. I am used to vegas so this complicated program, though i knew it had a steep learning curve, I bit off more than i could edit . So anything in regards to my issues would be great. Thanks!