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    Flash Player not working on Vista 64 Bit


      I too am having extreme difficulty w/ installing the new flash player.  At first I didn't know I had too.  Two days ago I was watching a show on YouTube, and last night it said I needed to install the latest version.


      Windows Vista Home Edition 64 Bit

      Preferred browser Mozilla Foxfire / secondary browser Internet Explorer


      I did all the uninstalls and removed files from the download directory.

      I followed all instructions making sure I chose the appropriate download version for 64 bit.


      Below is what I chose:


      Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.94 (16.9 MB)


      I downloaded, saved and ran it.  Made sure all Firefox windows were closed including weather network.  Then it stated 'installation complete'.


      I went to YouTube and then it said I had to install the Flash Player.  I did this too.  Still, nothing worked.  I am somehow being forced to upgrade a perfectly good computer?


      I hope this can be resolved.  I read through everyones comments, tried them all and still nothing.




      Message was edited by: Itneverworks Surprise to me!!! It worked!!! I decided to try for the 87th time and it finally worked.  What I did was (incase someone else wants to try this) well, it worked for me ... thought I did this before ... Uninstalled all flash players Deleted all flash players from download directory Deleted deleted items from garbage bin (you never know) Re-started the PC Went to YouTube and it prompted me to install a Flash Player - did this and guess what ... it worked!  Only 5 hours in ... Now, if I can just figure out how to properly use my new sewing machine hem foot and try to finish measuring (after 8 times) the duvet I am sewing then I will be well on my way! They say it comes in three's.  Had mine.  Done ! Good luck everyone! Donna